Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach – The Space Coast

Florida’s Space Coast is centrally located in Cape Canaveral, Florida, a small beach town. It gets its nickname from the Kennedy Space Center. This 1.9-square-mile community and its adjacent Port Canaveral are located only fifty miles east of Orlando and seconds north of Cocoa Beach. Come Visit Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach – The Space Coast.

Port Canaveral

Cape Canaveral and its neighbor to the south, Cocoa Beach, offer many beachside parks. Enjoy Jetty Park, where visitors can enjoy the ocean, fish, camp, and picnic.

Port Canaveral is home to many cruise lines, which offer anywhere from three to nine day cruises. For visitors who like the thrill of gambling, Victory Cruise Lines leaves the port twice daily. While visiting Port Canaveral, visitors should check out the Exploration Tower which hosts seven floors of exhibits as well as interactive activities. The Tower also has an observation deck, a theater, café, and a gift shop.

Florida Wildlife

Florida’s Space Coast boasts over seventy-two miles of Atlantic beachfront. This includes the natural setting of Playalinda Beach, part of the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Here, wildlife such as manatees, birds, deer, wild boars, and, of course, Florida alligators are protected. A Day Away Kayak Tours takes visitors on a tour to view of the abundance of wildlife in the area. While having a chance to see the wild animals of the area, visitors will also explore the grass flats and dig for clams while finding sea creatures such as seahorses, stingray, and everyone’s favorite: the horseshoe crab. Take an evening cruise to see the Indian River Lagoon aglow with Bioluminescence.

Other Activities on the Space Coast

Kennedy Space Center offers a full day of activities, including edge-of-your-seat IMAX Theater presentations about the space program, an interactive Apollo/Saturn V Center, and tours of the Vehicle Assembly Building. Visitors may even have lunch with an astronaut or take part in the Shuttle Launch Experience. Visitors can check the NASA launch schedule to see if a liftoff is scheduled during their vacation.

Located in historic Cocoa Village, a short drive over the Banana and Indian Rivers, visitors can take a walk back into history. Brevard County has a rich history as it was home to the earliest settlers in the United States, and the history continues with the ever-evolving space program. Visitors must see The Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science is if they like to go back in time and discover fun historical and scientific facts. Visitors might even learn about the old Indian legend that some believe protects the Space Coast from dangerous hurricanes.

The Brevard Zoo, located in Melbourne, Florida, is a must-see/must-do attraction. The zoo is alive with 650 animals which come from 165 species from all over the globe. Visitors can feed, pet, and interact with giraffes, pet the rhinos, and get to know a variety of curious birds. The zoo also has a zipline course for beginners and experts. For the water babies, enjoy a paddle boat and kayak experience that takes you through twenty-two acres of wetlands.

Every traveler will enjoy a unique travel experience at Cape Canaveral, Port Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, and the surrounding areas.

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