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Attendance at a 90 minute discovery tour and sales presentation of Resorts is required. Failure to qualify and attend the sales presentation will result in a surcharge of the difference between the discounted vacation package price and the full rental rate (based on season of travel) plus the retail rate of any discount attraction tickets that were included in the vacation package.

Individuals must be between the ages of 30 and 68 and must present a valid photo ID. If married, cohabitating or engaged, both individuals must be between the ages of 28-68 and must attend the presentation together and present a valid major credit card.

No pre-paid cards accepted. Guest must have a valid credit card with an available line of credit to hold resort security deposit and taxes upon check-in. MANDATORY: If married or cohabiting, both parties must provide proof of matching addresses by either a valid photo identification or another form of government issued identification (Utility bill, Home/Car Insurance or bank statement – Any combination of these 4 items). Must have a verifiable annual household income of $50,000 USD for U.S. Citizens/Residents and $80,000 USD for Canadian and U.K. Citizens/Residents excluding any income derived from unemployment, alimony, child support, or disability. (Minimum requirement may be higher and other qualifications may vary, based on destination and season of travel).

Upon arrival to the tour individuals must present a valid photo ID and a current major credit card. Persons who have toured the same  Resorts location within or that have participated in a Resorts’ discounted promotional offer requiring a tour two times or more are subject to a surcharge. Subject to the qualifications, this offer is available to citizens of the United States and/or in countries where registered.

Tour date, time and/or location may be changed at the Resort’s discretion.

Consumption or influence of alcohol is not permitted during the Preview Tour.

You will be refused to tour without refund and subject to retail rates. Guests may not live within 60 miles of the tour location. All qualified participants must speak English fluently, if traveling to Orlando; English, Spanish fluently.